Is my pet eligible?

Pet’s Nation welcomes both dogs and cats as long as they are microchipped, regardless of age or any pre-existing medical conditions.

How long will the Pet Membership last?

Every Membership will last 365 days from the date of purchase.
Nearing expiration of Membership, you will receive an invitation to renew with us.

How will we receive the subsidies?

Simply make payment for 70% of the medical bill at the Clinic and leave the remaining 30% to us!

Where can we enjoy the privileges?

You will be able to enjoy them at all of our partnering outlets. Refer here for the list of our partners.

Where can we purchase Pet’s Nation Membership?

You can directly register with Pet’s Nation here.
Alternatively, you can register at any of our partnering Vet clinics.

What will be included when I purchase the Membership?

You will receive a Certificate of Membership along with a Pet’s Nation Card via mail.
However only the card is required as a proof of Membership whenever you visit any of our Alliance Merchant.

How long will it take for me to receive the Membership Card and Certificate?

You will receive the Card and Certificate of Membership within 14 working days from the date of application.

Will I be able to enjoy the Membership benefits if I have not received the card?

For online purchase of the Membership, you will receive a Proof of Membership via Email.
Do be reminded that you will have to print out a hardcopy of the Proof for verification purposes at either of our partnering outlets.
For on-the-spot purchase of the Membership, you will immediately receive a temporary Proof of Membership before the actual package gets mailed to you.

What if I have multiple pets?

You are required to purchase separate membership for every individual pet.
Each Membership strictly belongs to 1 pet only.
Thus, when you visit our partnering Vets, you will be required to provide the Pet’s Nation Card or your Identification Number(IC) for verification purposes.

How can I update my particulars?

Do drop us an email if you would like to update your Particulars